When Caylin was just four years old, she began singing in church with her mother. Since then, her love for music has continued to grow. Caylin started getting involved with choir, youth praise band, and musicals. She couldn’t deny her love for performing, and never turned down an opportunity to be on stage.
At sixteen, Caylin’s parents gave her the option of soccer or guitar lessons. She chose guitar and started to discover her talent for songwriting. Caylin found a natural ability for writing clever and honest lyrics and a knack for coming up with catchy melodies.
In 2013, Caylin competed and won North Georgia Idol. Her debut single, "Half of You", was released in 2016 and sports a summer-acoustic vibe with featured rapper, Seaux Chill. You can listen to the track on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and other platforms. 
Caylin's desire is to write music that has a message that will speak to her fans. Caylin is full of life, enjoys making people laugh, and loves to meet new people. Her songs are sure to capture your heart with their authentic lyrics and her soulful-pop voice.